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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can I strip my own parts?
  2. Can you match a wet paint color that is used on parts that could not be powder coated?
  3. Do you have color charts you can send me?
  4. Does your Armor Coat™ ceramic look like chrome?
  5. How do you remove rust or oxidation from my parts?
  6. How do you strip aluminum wheels or other parts that can not be thermal stripped?
  7. How does afi prep parts prior to applying powder coating?
  8. How does afi strip steel parts?
  9. How high of metal temperature will the amor coat take before it breaks down?
  10. How large of an item can you strip?
  11. Is Armor Coat™ a substitute to polishing aluminum or cast iron parts such as intake manifolds and valve covers?
  12. What are the advantages of armor coating?
  13. What are the advantages of thermal stripping over sand blasting or chemical stripping?
  14. What can be powder coated?
  15. What needs to be Armor Coat™?


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